Terms and Conditions

Welcome to inseller.com the website (“Site”) of INSELLER. The Site provides various services (“Service”, as later described) subject to the terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) detailed herein.

INSELLER and Site are owned and represented by inCube8 General Trading L.L.C. having its registered place of business at Dubai Investments Park 2, Street 48, Compound 17, Store No. 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (“UAE”).

Please read the following carefully. If you do not agree to be bound by the hereafter mentioned Terms & Conditions then you may not use the Site or the Service in any way. By accessing the Site or using the Service, you are considered a user (“User”) who agreed to these Terms & Conditions and all applicable laws.

Individuals who did not register their e-mail address at Site might not be able to access or use all the information and functionality presented on Site. For avoidance of doubt, such individuals are also considered a User.

A. Terms of Service

1.) Description Of Service
User is provided with access to viewing, buying and/or selling certain luxury items as well as related services ("Service"). Buyers of such items are in particular subject to the Buying Terms (hyperlinked). Sellers of such items are in particular subject to the Consignment Terms (hyperlinked). Both sellers and buyers are subject to the INSIDER Program Rules (hyperlinked).

2.) License and Site Access
User is granted by INSELLER a limited license to access Site and Service for personal use. This license does not include copying any content (“Content” as later described) from Site, caching or having hypertext links to Site except when expressly agreed by INSELLER. User must not upload, post, or transmit any Content not having an express right to make available. User must not upload, post, or transmit to Site any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of Site or any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment. User must not carry-out any action that may impose a large load on Site’s infrastructure, use data mining, data gathering or extraction tools. User may not bypass any measures used by INSELLER to prevent or restrict access to Site or Service. Any unauthorized use by User shall terminate the license and permissions granted to User. INSELLER at its sole discretion determines what is considered an unauthorized use at any time and, on such an occurrence, may terminate User’s license without notice.

3.) Content
(“Content”) is any information and functionality available thru Site, including but not limited to ads, photos, text, User information and postings by User and Site. By posting Content to Site a User agrees to the following:

  • a.) All Content the User provides belongs to Site.
  • b.) INSELLER reserves the right to use Content for any lawful purpose without notice to User.
  • c.) By posting Content to Site the User automatically waives any right to such Content.
  • d.) By posting Content to Site the User is responsible for the accuracy and legality of any such posts.
  • e.) By posting Content to Site the User warrants that such postings do not infringe on the rights of any individual or entity.
  • f.) Unless required by law, Site reserves the right to refuse to share, display, delete or move any Content posted on Site.
  • g.) INSELLER reserves the right to contact a User by email or other communication media without prior consent, at the User address registered through the Site.
  • h.) INSELLER is entitled, at its sole discretion, to limit or terminate a User access to the Site and the Content, including deleting Content that the User may have posted to the Site.

4.) Copyright
INSELLER is not associated in any way with the brands displayed thru Site and sold via Service, whether as an authorized distributor or otherwise. The brands are a registered trademark of their owners.

Except for material in the public domain under the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) Federal Law 7 of 2002 pertaining to Copyrights and Neighboring Rights (UAE Copyright Law), all material contained on Site including all software, HTML code, Java applets, Active X controls and other code is protected by the United States of America and other countries copyright laws.

None of the material contained on Site may be reverse-engineered, disassembled, decompiled, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, translated into any language or computer language, retransmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photo reproduction or otherwise), resold or redistributed without the prior written consent of INSELLER. User may not copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, modify, rewrite, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any Content without the prior consent of the copyright owner. Content contains material which is owned by or licensed to Site. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics.

5.) User Declarations
A User confirms that:

  • a.) User is of legal age to access Site, use Service and form a binding agreement.
  • b.) User is not barred from receiving Service under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, User’s domicile or other applicable jurisdictions.
  • c.) User will provide true information to and thru Site. This includes providing the correct name and address.
  • d.) User will not create more than one registered profile/account at Site. User will maintain confidentiality of the User’s information registered at Site and be fully responsible for all activities that occur via the User’s profile/account. User will notify Site of any suspected use of User’s password by a third party and any other suspected breach of security that may jeopardize the confidentiality of User information registered at Site.
  • e.) User will not use Site for unlawful or fraudulent actions.
  • f.) User will not copy, or otherwise make an illegal use, of Content posted at Site.

Site will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the failure by User to comply with the aforementioned responsibilities and the Terms & Conditions.

6.) Disclaimer of Warranty
Content on Site is for general and personal information and use only. It is subject to change without notice. Site does not claim full ownership of all the Content displayed.

Content may include links to other websites. These links are provided for User convenience and further information. They do not signify that INSELLER endorse the other website(s).

Content, Service and any links to third party websites are provided to User on “as is” basis without warranty of any kind, including but not limited to the implied warranties of or accuracy, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The use of Content is entirely at User’s risk. Other than as required under applicable consumer protection law, under no circumstance will Site be liable for any loss or damage caused by User relying on Content or information obtained thru Site or a linked site. It is the responsibility of User to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any opinion, recommendation or other Content available thru Site or obtained from a linked site.

7.) Limitation of Liability
User expressly agrees that INSELLER, its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, partners, contractors, consultants and licensors shall not be liable to User for any direct or indirect losses or damages, including but not limited to the loss of profits or data resulting from the use of Site or Service.

INSELLER does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of Content found or offered on Site for any particular purpose. User acknowledges that Content may contain inaccuracies or errors and INSELLER expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

8.) Indemnity
User agrees to indemnify INSELLER, its affiliates, officers, employees, agents, partners, contractors, consultants and licensors and hold them harmless from any claim or demand arising out of User breach or violation of any laws or rights associated with the use of Service.

9.) Electronic Communication
User consents to receive communications from INSELLER by electronic mail (E-mail) and via Site. User agrees that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that INSELLER provide to User electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing. E-mail correspondence is the official means of communication and for confirming communications that occurred via other methods between User and INSELLER. In case of conflict in interpretation, E-mail takes precedence as being the kept record over other communication methods.

10.) Modifications and Changes
INSELLER reserves the right to make changes to Site, Services, and Terms & Conditions at any time. At its sole discretion, INSELLER may notify User of the material changes it carries out by sending an email to the address User registered at Site. Otherwise sufficient notice is deemed to have been served by INSELLER communicating and/or publishing via Site the modification or change that occurred. User should check for modifications and changes prior to further use of Site or Service. Should User wish to terminate registration at Site and terminate using Service due to a modification or change then User may do so by sending an email with the subject line “Termination” to the email address info@inseller.com


B. Buying Terms

The following constitutes a binding agreement between User (hereafter within these Buying Terms “Buyer”) and INSELLER.

Buyer wishes to purchase certain items (“Item”) as may be displayed and described on Site and other media. INSELLER wishes for to sell the Item on behalf of a Consignor, subject to Buyer agreeing the following terms:

1.) Buyer acknowledges that INSELLER authentication process is in-house and independent. Brands identified on the Site are not involved in the authentication of Item being sold and none of the brands owners assumes any responsibility for any Item purchased thru Site.

2.) As a courtesy to Buyer, INSELLER may provide descriptions and condition reports of Item on site and thru other means of communications. Buyer should note that descriptions of Item are not warranties and that each Item is sold "as is".

3.) Most purchased Items can be returned for a no-questions-asked refund of the purchase price (“Price”) provided that:

  • a.) Buyer expresses a wish to return the item by emailing info@inseller.com within 7 Days of the Buyer's receipt of the Item along with a tracking number for the return parcel and courier’s name. And
  • b.) Buyer arrange for returning Item via courier, at the Buyer’s expense, to INSELLER. And
  • c.) Item is returned undamaged in the original condition it was received, with INSELLER original tag still attached.
  • d.) Item has not been purchased on layaway payment plan.
  • e.) Item was not designated as a final-sale, as was displayed or otherwise communicated on Site or with Buyer ahead of purchase.
  • f.) Item was not purchased pursuant to physical inspection at INSELLER office or at promotion events that INSELLER participated in.
  • g.) Item reaches INSELLER office within 10 day's of the Buyer's receipt of the item.

4.) Buyer canceling a layaway payment plan order has to contact INSELLER via email to info@inseller.com informing the wish to do so. Buyer will be refunded the non-initial payments via INSIDER Credits but no refund will be due for the initial payment/deposit being 25% of the total order value. Layaway payment plan orders have to be fully paid by Buyer within a maximum of a 90 Day period, otherwise the order will be deemed cancelled and Buyer forfeits 25% of the total order value.

5.)The methods of payment for a purchased Item as accepted by INSELLER are communicated via Site. In general they include:

  • a. Major credit and debit cards, as listed on Site.
  • b. PayPal, billed in USD
  • c. Cash-On-Delivery when Buyer resides in the UAE
  • d. Direct transfer to INSELLER bank account
  • e. Western Union
  • f. INSIDER (Site) Credits

6.) In general, refunds for returned Item are made via the same method of payment originally used to purchase Item save as the Buyer agrees that a refund for Item purchased via Cash-On-Delivery and Western Union is effected via INSIDER Credits.

7.) Item purchased via Site is usually delivered within 7 working days, by a well reputed courier of good standing contracted by INSELLER. In general, INSELLER does not accept a Postal Office Box (P.O. Box) as a delivery address.

8.) All customs duties and taxes are the responsibility of Buyer.

9.) INSELLER Fee is subject to a minimum of AED 175 per item.

10.) The courier contracted by INSELLER to deliver Item may require the presentation of a government-issued identification prior to the release of Item to Buyer or the Buyer’s authorized representative.

Other terms and conditions may apply as mentioned on www.inseller.com and/or in correspondence between INSELLER and Buyer.


C. Consignment Terms

The following constitute a binding agreement between User (hereafter within these Consignment Terms “Consignor”) and INSELLER.

Consignor owns certain item(s) as may be described by INSELLER on Site and/or paper forms and as submitted by Consignor to INSELLER or collected from Consignor by INSELLER (collectively "Item").

Consignor warrants that it has good and marketable title to Item, which is not subject to any liens or other encumbrances, and further represents and warrants that Item does not infringe upon or violate any trademark, copyright, or other rights of any third party or any law.

Consignor resides in the UAE or another Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) country and wishes for INSELLER to sell Item on consignment basis on behalf of Consignor, subject to the following terms:

1.) INSELLER accepts Item from Consignor on a consignment basis only, with no assurances or limitations whatsoever as to the definite date or the price range at which the Item may sell.

2.) INSELLER only accepts Item of certain value, brands and condition as may be described on Site from time to time. The acceptance criteria may vary based on Consignor country of residence and shipping address.

3.) Pursuant to communication with Consignor INSELLER may arrange for a courier to contact Consignor for coordinating the pick-up of Item. Such Item must be properly packed by Consignor. INSELLER is not responsible for any damage to Item during delivery.

4.) Upon the physical receipt of Item INSELLER will evaluate it to determine its condition. An Item not meeting INSELLER\’s branding, authenticity or quality standards will not be accepted and INSELLER may notify Consignor to arrange for its return at Consignor's expense. Item will be deemed abandoned if not retrieved within Gregorian calendar day (“Day”) 30 from the date of such notice. Abandoned Item will be given to charity or otherwise dealt with as INSELLER see fit.

5.) Consignor will not submit counterfeit items to INSELLER. In the event INSELLER believes that an Item cannot be fully authenticated, INSELLER shall refuse to take possession of such Item. If INSELLER already took possession of such Item, INSELLER shall notify Consignor to retrieve Item at the Consignor expense. Item will be deemed abandoned if not retrieved within Day 30 from the date of such notice. Abandoned Item will be given to charity or otherwise dealt with as INSELLER see fit.

6.) If Consignor repeatedly provides counterfeit Item, INSELLER may report this to concerned authorities and charge Consignor AED 100 per such Item to cover INSELLER authentication and processing efforts, regardless whether Consignor arranges to ship Item back at their expense.

7.) Consignor grants INSELLER an exclusive right to display and sell the accepted Item for a 90 Day period ("Consignment Period"). The Consignment Period shall begin on date Item is received by INSELLER and ends on Day 91 after Item receipt. After the Consignment Period ends, Consignor may request the return of Item, with return shipping expenses to be paid by INSELLER. The Consignment Period may be extended upon mutual consent.

8.) During Consignment Period INSELLER will make commercially reasonable efforts to sell the accepted Item for an amount mutually agreed upon by the Parties being the selling price (“Price”). INSELLER retains the right to determine the final Price to offer Consignor and Consignor retains the right to reject the offer. In the event that INSELLER is already in possession of item for which Consignor rejects Price, then INSELLER may ask Consignor to arrange the return of Item at Consignor expense.

9.) INSELLER is entitled to retain 20% to 30% of Price being the consignment fee (“Fee”). Thus, after Item sells, the Consignor would be paid by INSELLER 70% to 80% of Price as Payout. In general, the higher the Price the lower the Fee and the higher is the Payout. Specifically, in most cases INSELLER will pay the Consignor:

  • a. 70% for the initial United Arab Emirates Dirham (“AED”) 5,000 of Price; and if applicable
  • b. 75% for the amount between AED 5,001 and AED 15,000 of Price; and if applicable
  • c. 80% for the Price amount above AED 15,000

INSELLER Fee is subject to a minimum of AED 175 per item. Consignors may opt to receive Payout as INSIDER Credits. INSELLER may accept and offer Price for certain Item conditional on Payout to be made as INSIDER Credits.

10.) INSELLER retains the right to later set or modify the Fee in relation to the Price and Consignor retains the right to reject the Fee and have the Item returned at INSELLER expense.

11.) During the Consignment Period INSELLER will photograph, describe and display the Item for selling it at Price via Site and may also display and promote it via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as third party websites like eBay. Consignor acknowledges and agrees for Item to be stored, advertised, displayed and sold by INSELLER along with items belonging to other consignors during the Consignment Period.

12.) After receipt by INSELLER of full Price from Item Buyer, INSELLER will pay Consignor the Price less Fee as payment (“Payout”). Payout is usually effected twice a month on the next business Day following the 1st and the 15th of a Gregorian calendar month. INSELLER and consignor shall mutually agree upon the method of Payment, which can be via cash, check, bank account transfer or INSIDER Credits. Transfer charges to be borne by Buyer may apply for certain Payment methods and/or amounts.

13.) Consignor electing to retrieve Item before the end of the Consignment Period must pay to INSELLER AED 175 per item to cover the costs INSELLER incurred by authenticating, storing, cataloging and photographing Item and Consignor will be responsible for the return shipping expenses.

14.) Should Item sells via a layaway payment plan, the length of which may be communicated on Site from time to time, Consignor agrees to be paid only after the buyer has completed payment for full Price of Item. This usually occurs between a minimum of 30 Days and a maximum of 90 Days from Item selling date. When required, Consignor agrees to extend Consignment Period until the Buyer payments related to such Item are complete.

15.) At any stage during Consignment Period, Consignor may request INSELLER to reduce Price by at least 10% as to have Item displayed additionally in the SALE section at Site. A Price reduction may be requested by Consignor more than once during Consignment Period provided that the Price reduces by at least 10% each time. Payout will reduce proportionately to Price reduction.

16.) If Item remains unsold after Consignment Period, Consignor shall:

  • a. Either asks INSELLER to send Item back to Consignor, in which case the shipping charges are covered by INSELLER if sending Item back to source address at which Item was sent. Or
  • b. Grants INSELLER the right to decrease the last agreed Price gradually by up to 40% over the next 6 months (“Final Period”). Payout will reduce in proportion to the Price reduction effected at INSELLER discretion up to a maximum of 40% reduction. For avoidance of doubt, by not asking INSELLER to send Item back as in a. above, Consignor is irrevocably granting INSELLER the right to decrease the Price as in b.

17.) If an Item remains unsold after the end of Final Period then INSELLER, at its expense, may ship it to Consignor.

18.) In the event that Item sent by INSELLER is returned by courier as undeliverable owing to Consignor failure to register, provide or update an appropriate delivery address, INSELLER will attempt to contact Consignor by e-mail, phone and at the physical address that Consignor registered. If such repeated contact attempts are unsuccessful, Item will be deemed abandoned 30 Days after Final Period. Abandoned Item will be given to charity or otherwise dealt with as INSELLER see fit.

19.) INSELLER takes possession of the Item at Consigner's own risk and is not responsible for loss or damage owing to a Force Majeure including but not limited to fire and earthquakes.

20.) Title to and ownership of Item will remain with Consignor until:

  • a. Sold by INSELLER to a third party for Price, upon which title and ownership of Item will pass to the buyer. Or
  • b. Bought by INSELLER for Payout, upon which date title and ownership of Item will pass to INSELLER on Consignor receipt of Payout. Or
  • c. Lawfully laid claim to by a third party, such as via a court order. Or
  • d. Is proven counterfeit and/or is abandoned pursuant to clauses 4, 5 and 18 above. Or
  • e. Otherwise, not physically present in INSELLER stock on hand owing to a Force Majeure condition.

Other terms may apply as mentioned on www.inseller.com and/or in correspondence between INSELLER and Consignor.


D. INSIDER Program Rules

The INSIDER program is operated by INSELLER for the purpose of gaining and/or retaining the loyalty of customers who purchase or consign luxury Items via Site. INSELLER may issue User with points or credits (hereafter INSIDER Credits or Site Credits) as a reward to be used for discounted purchases via Site. Otherwise INSIDER Credits carry no monetary value and cannot be used in any manner other than as aforementioned described.

INSIDER Credits are offered conditioned on acceptance by User of the INSIDER Program Rules as hereafter detailed. For avoidance of doubt, by not communicating to INSELLER a rejection of INSIDER Credits that may be issued from time to time or by using INSIDER Credits to make a purchase via Site, User has agreed to all the INSIDER Program Rules and all the Terms & Conditions.

INSELLER reserves the right to change, modify or amend any part of the INSIDER program at any time. This right includes, but is not limited to, the validity of INSIDER Credits and the rules for earning and redeeming INSIDER Credits. INSELLER does not warrant that access to Site or the INSIDER Credits will be uninterrupted or that there will be no failures, errors, omissions or loss of transmitted information. In no event shall INSELLER be liable or for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of misuse or inability to use any issued or to be issued INSIDER Credits. By communicating to INSELLER any complaint or inadequacy in relation to INSIDER Credits, User undertakes to fully accept the outcome of INSELLER’s investigation and accept INSELLER’s related decision as final. INSELLER reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny access to the issued or to be issued INSIDER Credits without notice or liability.

1.) Account means the account to/from which the INSIDER Credits of User will be accrued or deducted.

2.) INSIDER Credits + Cash item means such items listed on Site which can be purchased with a combination of INSIDER Credits and cash subject to clause 4 following which defines what payment method is accepted as “Cash”. For avoidance of doubt, unless Item is noted on site otherwise, then it can be purchased with INSIDER Credits + Cash combination.

3.) One INSIDER Credit Discount Value means one United States Dollar (here after USD) or its equivalent in other currencies accepted on Site, based on the conversion rate at time of purchase as determined via currencylayer.com or at INSELLER discretion. So, for example, 100 INSIDER Credits may entitle User to whom they were issued to a 100 USD discount on the Selling Price of Item.

4.) Cash, when used in the context of INSIDER Credits + Cash, means a part payment done by Bank Transfer, Western Union or one of the credit card brands accepted by Site for purchasing Item listed on site. INSIDER Credits + Cash combination is not applicable to Item(s) purchased with layaway payment plan, PayPal and/or via Cash on Delivery.

5.) A User may at any time cancel their Account by sending an e-mail from their registered address to info@inseller.com

6.) INSELLER may in its absolute discretion suspend, cancel or terminate an Account at any time.

7.) An Account is automatically terminated on the death or bankruptcy of User. INSIDER Credits accumulated prior to termination in these circumstances will be immediately cancelled.

8.) An Account is not transferable. A User is not permitted to hold more than one Account.

9.) If User believes that any information pertaining to their Account to be inaccurate, including information relating to INSIDER Credits accrual, redemption, validity or expiry, User must notify INSELLER via info@inseller.com immediately and or no later than 30 days following the date on which the inaccuracy occurred. Where a User fails to notify INSELLER of any discrepancies within the aforementioned time period, the Account information will be deemed to be correct and accepted as such by User.

10.) Name changes by User can only be effected by INSELLER when supported by adequate documentation as regard User identity. As to be in compliance with the lawful rights and obligations of Buyers and Consignors, including the financial rights and obligations if any to their hires, business partners, etc., in the event of User legally changing name they must close existing Account and open a new Account with the new legal name details. INSELLER may require additional information for Account validation purposes in respect of any such change to be accepted.

11.) All tax, duties and other liabilities arising from the accumulation of INSIDER Credits or the receipt and use of such are and remain the sole responsibility of User.

12.) INSIDER Credits not utilized for discounted purchases at Site within their specified validity period are cancelled upon the expiry of their validity or when a person ceases to be a User, whichever is earlier.

13.) User cannot maintain more than one e-mail address in relation to an Account. Such an email address is considered the Account identifier. if the e-mail address registered by User ceases to be functional, User must update or contact INSELLER via info@inseller.com to update their Account information. If INSELLER receives an undeliverable notice more than once when attempting to contact User via e-mail, INSELLER will attempt to reach User via other contact details they registered on Site (such as a telephone number) failing which the User Account will be cancelled.

14.) A User may be issued with INSIDER Credits as part of promotions undertaken by INSELLER. In other instances, INSELLER may issue User with such credits in lieu of the full or part Selling or Purchase Price of an item (example as when an item was ordered by User but then the order was cancelled or returned). Further a User may also earn INSELLER Credits when purchasing certain designated items on Site, attaining a certain amount of purchases via Site or consigning certain items via Site.

15.) INSIDER Credits cannot be exchanged for cash, are linked to the Account which has received them and cannot be used by another Account.

Other rules may apply as mentioned on www.inseller.com and/or in correspondence between INSELLER and User.


E. Privacy Policy

User may be asked to provide personally identifiable information at Site to include name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Such information is gathered when User elects to register at Site and use Service. INSELLER understand the importance of online privacy to User. The following related policies (“Privacy Policy”) apply to Users of Site. This Privacy Policy applies only to activities that INSELLER engages in on-line at the Site.

INSELLER collects certain anonymous data regarding the usage of the Site. This information does not personally identify the User, by itself or in combination with other information, and is gathered to improve the performance of the website. The anonymous data collected can include information such as the type of browser by which User accessed Site and the length of the visit to the Site.

Cookies are small bits of data cached in a User’s browser. The Site utilizes cookies to determine whether or not you visited its pages before. No other User information is gathered with Cookies use.

Personally identifiable information refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate User, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address and credit card information. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously (that is, without identification of the individual User).

  • a.) INSELLER does not sell or rent User personally identifiable information collected on Site to a third party. User credit/debit card’ details and information will not be sold, shared, rented or leased by INSELLER to any third party.
  • b.) INSELLER can disclose User’s personally identifiable information to third parties as to complete processing a Service, such as for a courier delivery or order tracking and processing purpose.
  • c.) INSELLER may use non-personal "aggregated data" to enhance the operation of the Site or analyze User interest in some of its pages and may under certain circumstances disclose personally identifiable information to third parties to enhance User experience at the Site.
  • d.) User can provide INSELLER with Content for general publishing or feedback, such as User experience at Site and INSELLER may include User name or other identifying data with such Content on User’s consent.
  • e.) INSELLER may disclose personally identifiable information in order to respond to a subpoena, court order or other such request. INSELLER may also provide such personally identifiable information in response to a law enforcement agency’s request or as otherwise required by law.
  • f.) User personally identifiable information may be provided to a third party if INSELLER files for bankruptcy, or there is a transfer of its assets or ownership in connection with proposed or consummated corporate reorganizations such as mergers or acquisitions.
  • g.) Personally identifiable information collected by Site is securely stored and are not accessible to third parties or employees of INSELLER except for use as indicated above.
  • h.) Whilst INSELLER does take appropriate steps to ensure Content data privacy and security, it cannot guarantee the security of any information that is disclosed online.

INSELLER is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites or third parties to which Site links. The information practices of linked sites are not covered in this Privacy Policy. Third party service vendors (such as credit card companies, courier services and banks) may collect information from User in relation to the service provided at the Site. INSELLER does not control how these third parties use such information.

To modify or update any information User sent to the Site please send an e-mail with the subject line “Update” to info@inseller.com




INSELLER and Site are owned and represented by inCube8 General Trading L.L.C. having its registered place of business at Dubai Investments Park 2, Street 48, Compound 17, Store No. 1, Dubai, U.A.E


These Terms and Conditions are governed by, and construed in accordance with, UAE law.

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms and Conditions, INSELLER, Site or associated Service, please send an email with the subject line “Query” to info@inseller.com


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is the leading source of authentic, pre-owned designer handbags, shoes and accessories headquartered in the middle east. Whether it's an impossible to find Celine or a limited edition pair of Louboutins, Inseller provides unparalleled access to the most coveted brands in fashion today.






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