FAQs & Answers


Q: How does inseller.com work?

A: Inseller.com is a platform for buying and selling second hand and new authentic luxury items. If you find an item(s) that you like, just add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout where you can pay for the item(s) via Paypal, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery or 90-day Payment Plan. If you have an item(s) that you would like to sell, click on “Sell an item” and fill out the form. Our sales representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Q: How do I create an account with Inseller.com?

A: You can create a profile on inseller.com by clicking on “Log in” button. You will be prompted to register either by using your Facebook account or your email address.

Q: Will it cost me to sell items with Inseller.com?

A: No, selling with Inseller is free, however Inseller takes commission for providing exclusive services and giving you the hassle-freeselling experience. Commission is added on top of the agreed selling price. Inseller guarantees that you receive the full amount that you have agreed on when you signed the consigning agreement.


Q: Is there a limit on how many items I can sell with inseller.com?

A: No. You can sell as many items as you want.

Q: Do I need to have my item(s) professionally cleaned in order to sell with Inseller?

A: Inseller takes pride in delivering you the easiest selling experience that’s why we are working hand in hand with our experienced partners in leather cleaning and restoration. We can offer you this service at the lowest rates upon your request or upon your approval if we consider professional cleaning as a suggestion to help sell your item(s) faster and at a higher price.

Q: Who pays for all the shipping costs when I want to sell any item(s) with inseller.com?

A: Inseller.com offers free pick up services within the GCC. We also pay for the authentication procedure of the items. We strive to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

Q: Will I receive money immediately after Inseller picks up my item(s)?

A: We do not purchase your items directly. We are an online consignment store, hence we will send you the payment after your item(s) has been sold.

Q: Who will decide the selling price of my item(s) and what are the criteria that determine the final price?

A: Our team will provide you the selling price options after your item(s) passed our thorough inspection. Criteria that determine the final price of your item(s) include brand, the original retail price, the item’s resale value, the item’s condition, and whether the item is still in trend.

Q: How fast will my item(s) appear for sale on your website?

A: Your item(s) will undergo a few processes once it reaches us, and we make it as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of the item(s) and your selling price. The process includes authentication, taking professional photographs, cleaning and restoration, if necessary, and uploading of the item(s) information on the website. Inseller estimates that the full process will take 7 – 10 days.

Q: How much will I get if my item sells?

A: You will get the best Payout being offered in the market. Your Payout will be calculated as :
a) 70% of the initial AED 5,000 of Selling Price; and
b) 75% for the amount between AED 5,001 and AED 15,000 of Price; and
c) 80% for the Price amount above AED 15,000

*Subject to a minimum Fee of AED 175 retained by INSELLER on items selling at below AED 250, as to cover the item’s processing, photography, listing and other efforts.

Q: How fast will my item sell?

A: That depends on your item’s brand, condition, market demand and most importantly the agreed selling price. Some items sell faster than the others. To speed up your selling process we advise you to go for lower price options. If you are not in a hurry you may choose the higher price option.

Q: Will I keep the item or Inseller.com will keep it while it doesn’t sell yet?

A: We will pick up your item(s) and keep it with us until it sells or until the consignment period of 90 days has expired. We take great care in storing your luxury item(s).

Q: Can I bring my item to you directly?

A: If you wish you may bring your item(s) directly to our office: Dubai Investments Park 2, Street 48, Compound 17, Store No. 1, Dubai, U.A.E.

Q: When will I receive the Payout?

A: Payouts to our customers are transferred twice a month: 15th and 30th of every month or next working day should the afore mentioned days fall on the weekend. 15th and 30th of every month are only transfer days, the actual day of receipt of the Payout depends on receivers bank and where it is located, however it usually never takes longer than 2-3 working days for the funds to be credited to the customer's account.

Q: How is it determined when the Payout is transferred?

A: Payouts to our customers are transferred either on 15th or 30th of every month. Your payout transfer day depends on the day your item got sold, as our return guarantee needs to expire before the sale can be confirmed. Thus the Payout for items that got sold between 12th - 25th of very month will be transferred on 30th and anything that got sold between 26th - and 11th will be transferred on 15th. Your are welcome to contact our Accounts department at accounts@inseller.com should you have any questions regarding our Payout terms..


Q: What will be my order’s shipping charge?

A: Shipping charges vary by destination, as follows:
a) For delivery within the United Arab Emirates, AED 45 per order.
b) For delivery to other GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia), AED 280 per order.
c) For delivery to all other countries AED 280 per order.

*Please note that any single order can include up to 5 items..

Q: Are all your items authentic?

A: Yes. All the items that we have for sale on Inseller.com have gone through a rigorous authentication procedure carried out by our brand experts. Authenticity is of crucial importance to us and we never sell nor accept fake items. Read more here.

Q: What condition are the items for sale?

A: We are mostly selling pre-owned items, however we are receiving a lot of brand new items so our collection is combined.

Q: Are there levels or types of item conditions?

A:Pre-owned items show signs of wear and tear which can vary depending on the frequency of usage by the original owner (in this case, the seller). After Inseller carefully inspected and analyzed the item(s) a condition grade is assigned, which are as follows:

Brand New - Merchandise is in pristine condition and has never been used. There are no signs of imperfections from wear, only from improper storage. Please review all photos for the best description of items in this category.

Like New - Item is in exceptional condition with only a few signs of use which will be described in detail. Most often these items will have only been worn once or twice with minimal evidence. Overall the item is ingreat condition. Please review all photos for the best description of items in this category.

Gently Used - Merchandise is in good condition, but has clearly been previously worn. Items will show signs of wear probably due to the age and degree of use of the item. These signs might include scuffing on the handles or hardware and marks on the interior of the item. Please review all photos for the best description of items in this category.

Q: How can I pay if I want to buy an item?

A: Inseller offers you several Payment methods such as via Paypal, Cash on Delivery or a 3 month Payment Plan.

Q: Are the prices on your website fixed prices or they can be discounted more?

A: Inseller has already slashed off the prices of items before posting on the website, therefore the prices are fixed. However, we do have various sales thus keep an eye on inseller.com on a regular basis to get the best deal.

Q: Can I visit your shop and see the item before buying?

A: Inseller is an online store we do not have a physical shop. We are keeping the items at our office in Dubai in a designated space with appropriate storage conditions. You can always come to our office and inquire about anything, however if you would like to see a particular item you would need to make an appointment first. Send us an email at info@inseller.com

Q: Can I buy an item and make multiple payments?

Inseller offers an Easy Payment Plan.

Q: I live outside GCC can I still buy an item?

A: Yes we sell and ship item(s) to customers all over the world except those that are OFAC sanctioned.

Q: How fast will I receive the item after purchase?

A: Delivery time varies from country to country. We are using the best couriers to try to speed-up delivery. For customers within the GCC delivery time is estimated between 3 to 7 days.

Q: Will I be able to track my order?

A: As soon as the item is arranged for delivery you will receive an email with the courier details and the tracking number of your order(s). You can visit the courier’s website and track your order(s) through their system.

Q: Can I cancel my order after I have paid for it?

A: You can cancel your order(s) any time before shipment. The full amount that you paid will be returned to you without any shipping cost deductions.

Q: I am not happy with my purchase do you accept returns?

A: After you have received your order(s) you have 7 days to notify us if you are not satisfied with your purchase and opt to return it. Our customer service team will arrange all details with you directly. Shipping costs in case of returns is a sole responsibility of the buyer. All import and customs taxes that might have been paid when the item(s) is bought are not refunded and is a sole responsibility of the buyer.

Q: Do I have to pay any additional taxes when buying an item?

A: Please note that for residents of certain countries, on delivery your order may be subject to import duties and/or additional taxes collected by the respective authorities (not INSELLER). Per our Conditions of Sale “All customs’ duty and taxes are the responsibility of Buyer”..

is the leading source of authentic, pre-owned designer handbags, shoes and accessories headquartered in the middle east. Whether it's an impossible to find Celine or a limited edition pair of Louboutins, Inseller provides unparalleled access to the most coveted brands in fashion today.








is the leading source of authentic, pre-owned designer handbags, shoes and accessories headquartered in the middle east. Whether it's an impossible to find Celine or a limited edition pair of Louboutins, Inseller provides unparalleled access to the most coveted brands in fashion today.






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